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'As if the world were reacting to the viewer, Boguszak shape their projective topographic-dreamscapes as photographic Equivalents unleashed from reality.'

- Maria Veronica Cuomo, curator and art historian, Zurich

Over the last decades, Marek—a photographer for more than 40 years—has shifted his photographic technique from manual analog B&W to digital color photography. With his wife, Magda, they have established a unique visual vocabulary by designing abstract artifacts in the last few years. Today, the duo creates and acts together as Boguszak, exhibiting and selling award-winning photography worldwide.​

The pair created a unique photography body of work from their journeys in Death Valley and Abu Dhabi  deserts. The Boguszak's sophisticated image processing images highlights colorful shapes and pure lines with breathtaking harmony. 

Boguszak have presented solo exhibitions at international venues in Zurich (CH), Bern (CH), Campione (IT), London (UK), Prague (CZ) and New York (USA). They are the recipient of many awards including 19th and 20th Pollux Awards (2023), TIFA (2022, 2021, 2020), APA (2022,2021, 2020), AllAboutPhoto (2022), IPA (2022, 2021, 2020), Px3 (2022, 2021, 2020), ND Awards (2022, 2021), FAPA (2022, 2021, 2020), NYC4PA (2021), BIFA (2022, 2021), Art Gemini Prize (2022, 2021).



Shooting digital photography of sand dunes has brought us to a rare world of magnanimous and dignified calmness. Our sight is hardly compromised by other senses; all distractions of our reality disappear, all defects, all noises are no more. Being there is an abstraction from the continuous entropy of life, resulting in a simple and clean harmony.


Sand dunes were created by obeying the laws of physics, their geometrical shapes, smooth and perfect, are a visible representation of an almost flawless balance, and without visible traces of any kind of life, they become themselves a pure form, filled in with sunshine.


As the recognizable world dissolves in abstraction, the image comes to work on one’s mind like a fragrance or a piece of music, eluding rational understanding and revealing itself fully only as a feeling.


We have learned to look for a glimpse of harmony wherever available and however fleeting. They keep us moving, believing and going further when things get tough, since the changes we hope for, whether in culture, politics, or private life, seldom come as fast and easily as one'd wish.

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